Do Expensive Coffee Machines Make Better Coffee

expensive coffee machines

When it comes to a really good quality cup of coffee there are a number of factors to consider, some factors will apply to all coffees but it is important to remember that different kinds of coffee machines and brewing systems (filter, pump, drip, pod, espresso etc) these are all different methods of brewing and they will all have different attributes that make them the right machine for the job. This article takes a peak into espresso machines and if they really make enough difference to warrant the huge gap in the prices ranges. It is possible to pick up a coffee machine from as little as £30 on the UK market but they range all the way up into the thousands so you’ll need to be sure your machine is going to tick all the boxes and make you that perfect brew if you’re thinking about splashing the cash.

How Does Fairtrade Work?


In this day and age we are all pretty much aware of Fair Trade, we certainly know we should be looking out for the label on our foods but in terms of coffee there are also a few other certifications out there, the Rainforest Alliance or Organic certification for example. So if Fair Trade isn’t the only thing we need to be looking out for and it doesn’t cover all basis to ensure we get our guilt free cup of coffee, what is it and what does it cover in terms of coffee?