1Zpresso K-Pro Manual Coffee Bean Grinder 2024 Review

Although 1Zpresso are relatively new to the coffee equipment industry, they certainly know how to make a big introduction. These Taiwan-based coffee fanatic engineers have managed to design an item that takes hand grinders to the next level. Their unrivaled range of grinders are both robust yet concise due to their clever design and use of high-quality steel and aluminum alloy bodies.


The 1Zpresso K-Pro Manual Coffee Grinder is said to be no different. Here we have a full review that gets into the nitty-gritty about what makes this product stand out and if it really does merit a ‘luxury’ label. After all, you are only going to want the best for those precious coffee beans.

1Zpresso K-Pro Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

1Zpresso K-PRO Manual Coffee Grinder

Main Features

Small and compact

48mm stainless steel burr

Specialized ‘K Burr’

30-35g capacity

External adjustment mechanism

Quick-disassembly design

Easy to clean

Travel case included


Lightweight and compact – perfect for traveling
No batteries or power required
Different grind settings for plenty of choice
Easy to clean with handy cleaning brush
Quiet to use compared to the electric equivalent


Relatively small capacity – enough for 2 cups
Finding the right grind setting may take practice 
Burrs will need replacing if used regularly
Requires some effort, like all manual grinders

1Zpresso K-Pro Coffee Grinder – Full Review

1Zpresso appear to be a strong newcomer to the coffee equipment sector, but do they really know how to create a luxury manual coffee grinder as they claim? With a whole range of manual coffee grinders, it is hard to know which model is the best one for you.

The K-Pro manual coffee grinder has been designed to be used both at home and on the go, without quality or efficiency being sacrificed. With its use of high-quality materials and ability to grind all types of coffee beans, they claim to offer a luxury product that will stand the test of time for an affordable price. Here we look to see if it really does deliver.


Measuring in at 19.3cm x 5.2cm x 15cm (handle) in size and 1.65 pounds (or around 750g) in weight, it is both compact yet sturdy, giving you the confidence to take it with you when. This would be particularly important to those who travel often (for either work or pleasure) and want to ensure that they have a solid grinder to take with them. Being able to bring the comfort and luxuries of your own home on your travels will appeal to many and is certainly a large plus of this model. Being lightweight also means that travelers will be able to pack it without sacrificing other items in their luggage.


We have already seen how the small size and weight of the 1Zpresso manual grinder is appealing to those travel but does the capacity of it stand up to these expectations too. With a capacity of around 30-35g (just over an ounce), you should be able to get two cups of whole bean coffee without having to top it up, which will of course depend on how strong you like your coffee. Although this may be plenty for some, if you know that you will want to have more ground coffee readily available, then a larger coffee grinder may be more appealing. Of course, it is possible to top up the grinder for another two coffees’ worth, but this will have to be factored into your day.


With the burr being constructed from stainless steel and the body from an aluminum alloy, it is clear that the engineers have opted for something robust and study. Again, this will be important for coffee lovers who travel as you will be able to pop it into your bag or luggage with confidence, knowing that the strong combination of steel and aluminum alloy will keep it safe from damage. In fact, the use of these materials means that the grinder can be used on a daily basis, without the worry of plastic elements wearing away over time. The only downside to the construction is that the wooden handle is made from a wooden veneer, rather than real wood. Although this does not affect the performance, this may be an aesthetic concern to some.


As a manual coffee grinder, its charm is in its simplicity due to being used for one job: grinding coffee. It has 9 different number settings and 90 clicks, giving the user the option to use more coarse beans, such as espresso and even Turkish. This makes the 1Zpresso K-Pro ideal for coffee users to don’t necessarily stick to one type of coffee bean but prefer to dabble in a few. The anti-clip silicone on the main body of the grinder will also help as it will make it possible to grip onto the grinder easy, which is particularly important to those who are busy and want a grinder that offers variety as well as stability when in use.


1Zpresso has 3 similar versions of their manual coffee grinder in the ‘K-family. The K-Pro, K-Plus and K-Max are all similar in that they can hold the same amount of coffee and offer the same number of grinding settings. The K-Max differs from these as it is made from a coated stainless steel. The K-Max is like the K-Pro in every way, other than the additional feature of a magnetic catch cup.


The 1Zpresso K-Pro comes with a few accessories to help maintain its performance. The most obvious of these will be a carry case, which means that users are able to keep their grinder secure and protected when traveling. There is also a cleaning brush and a cleaning ‘blower,’ both of which allow the user to ensure that the grinder is always kept clean, which in turn will help it to last longer. Finally, a manual comes with the grinder, ensuring that you can get the most out of your device from the beginning.


This model retails for generally around the $200 mark, making it a mid-range price compared to the other models in the 1Zpresso collection. However, there are other brands that offer cheaper coffee grinders so if you are new to this then it may be worth considering one of their other models to see if this is for you.


1Zpresso offer an excellent 1-year warranty on their products, including the K-Pro manual grinder. This means that you will be able to have peace of mind when purchasing and using the grinder as a new customer. However, as this warranty is mainly for defects, it is important to make sure you check out how to purchase replacement parts on their website as consumable parts are likely to need changed rather than problems being caused as the result of a manufacturing defect.

How green

As with manual grinders in general, this model is more environmentally friendly than electric or battery-operated grinders when it is used daily. When the product does come to the end of its life, due to being made from stainless steel it is possible to recycle it. However, as parts are available on the manufacturer’s website, it is possible to keep the grinder going for as long as possible, which is much better for the environment than recycling alone.

User Reviews

Reviews for the 1Zpresso K-Pro are overwhelmingly positive, rating at 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon. It may not have the volume of reviews compared to some more established brands/models, but this is a promising start as the new brand on the block and is likely to rise as time goes on. Interestingly, the most highly rated features based on these reviews on Amazon are that it is easy to use (4.9 out of 5), easy to clean (4.7 out of 9) and for traveling (4.5 out of 5). If these are features that you find important in a coffee grinder then the K-Pro might just be for you.


What’s the difference between the K-Pro and K-Plus?

Both the K-Pro and the K-Plus have an all-round brewing method, external adjustments and 22 microns per click. However, the similarities end here. The K-Pro has a capacity of 30-35g, whereas the K-Plus has a 35-40g capacity, meaning that more coffee can be brewed from each batch. In addition, the K-Plus has features that the K-Pro does not have, such as the magnetic catch cup and blind shaker. So, although both offer excellent ground coffee, there are some small differences that may impact whether the K-Pro or K-Plus is best for you.

What’s the quality of the burrs like?

The burr size on the K-Pro is large enough to keep the cycles of the grinding arm down to a minimum. This means it takes significantly fewer turns than budget models, adding to the longevity of the product. If you are looking for a luxury manual grinder that is going to stand the test of time, then the burr quality on the K-Pro will help make that happen.

Does the K-Pro come with a travel case?

The K-Pro comes with a black travel case that allows you to secure the grinder and the handle separately. This is ideal for taking with you for a day out or longer trip, as each component is secured in place with an elastic band.

The last drop

Freshly-ground coffee is always better-tasting than coffee that has been ground previously. However, being able to do this on the move if you are busy working or enjoy traveling can prove difficult.

Luckily, the 1Zpresso K-Pro can help solve this problem. With its compact and lightweight design, the K-Pro can grind even the most coarse of coffee beans for freshly-ground coffee on the go. It’s stainless steel and aluminum alloy body along with the 1-year warranty offered by 1Zpresso make this a good choice for environmentally concerned coffee lovers and a great way for you to enjoy a luxury device without spending over the odds.

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