About Me

Hi, I’m Toby, an environmentally-friendly coffee lover who started Coffee With Conscience as I wanted to raise awareness of how we can all enjoy our favourite cup of Joe, whilst still being mindful of the impact it’s/we’re having on the environment – so you can make sure you are getting great coffee that doesn’t cost the earth.


Coffee With Conscience seeks educate to coffee drinkers all over the world about where your coffee comes from, how to choose ethically-sourced coffee from growers who are paid a fair wage, and what are the best ways and tools to use to make the perfect coffee.

As you explore my site you will find that I cover lots of hints and tips for brewing the perfect coffee, selecting great beans, choosing perfect coffee machines and so forth. Alongside this you will discover interesting information and news surrounding the coffee industry, signposting info for coffee initiatives that I think are exceptional and general ways in which we can make a difference when selecting our daily coffee.

Drinking an ethical cup of coffee doesn’t have to be rocket science, and I hope to help you to identify the small everyday changes that can be made to ensure you’re as green as can be without a hard slog. If you’d like to go one further and start to look into how you can make a difference on a larger scale, then I’ve got some of that covered for you too.

It’s fantastic that you have landed here and I hope that you find all the advice and news we provide on the site just as thought-provoking and interesting as I do.

If you would like to feedback on anything on the site, provide ideas for future content or simply have a question you think I might be able to help with then please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form that can be found here.