Best Coffee Machines 2024

For many of us, a good cup of coffee is an essential start to the day. While instant coffee may be a quick and convenient option if you’re typically in a rush, if you like your morning cup of Joe to be more than just a vehicle for that hit of caffeine, and are looking for a decent-tasting cuppa to get you started, investing in a good quality coffee machine might be the best option.

Our top Coffee Machines For 2024

A good quality coffee machine, with the features that suit your taste and lifestyle, will mean that you will have the great-tasting coffee you enjoy on demand. Whether that’s made from freshly ground beans all taken care of by the top of the range bean-to-cup coffee machine, or a simple manual espresso machine you prefer for that ‘hands on’ coffee-making experience, there’s a coffee machine for everyone.

The difficulty comes from choosing the right one for your needs. There are numerous different manufacturers, not to mention different types of machines and a variety of features, so we’ve identified a few of the more popular machines based on what users think are some of the best coffee machines of 2024.

Choosing THE BEST coffee machine FOR YOU

When it comes to coffee machines, they all do pretty much the same thing, right? Well, they all make coffee – but that can be where the similarity ends. Some machines will take care of everything, from grinding the beans for your fresh espresso to frothing the milk for that perfect cappuccino, and allowing you to finely-adjust every step of the process.

Others are much more simple and straightforward in how they work, but may still require some practice and expertise to produce the perfect cup of coffee for you.

So how do you decide which type of machine, let alone what sort of features, you’re going to need? Well, we’ve highlighted some of the things you should bear in mind when. choosing your coffee machine, to help you zero in on the one that’s best for you.


When it comes to choice, there are typically four main types of coffee machine; bean-to-cup machines (everything all in one machine), ‘espresso’ machines (using ground coffee), capsule or ‘pod’ machines (like Nespresso of Keurig), and dripfilter coffee machines. Foe each type of machine you will usually find models with varying degrees of automation or setting options, depending on how much control you want over the coffee-making process.

Coffee types

The type of coffee you want to enjoy can also have a bearing on the type and model of machine you might want to consider. If you like speciality coffees like cappuccino or latte, machines with a milk steamer are probably going to give you what you want. However, if you are happy with a good, old-fashioned pot of coffee, a simple filter machine, or even a pod machine could be a better option.


How much coffee do you and your family/office drink? If the machine is going to be in use regularly, filter machines with large carafes that keep the coffee nice an hot may be a more practical solution. But if you have your heart set on a fancy espresso or bean-to-cup machine, make sure that the water reservoir and bean hopper are large. enough that you’re not having to fill them up every 5 minutes.


Linked to the last point, if your machine is going to be in regular use it’s worth checking out how easy it is to maintain, i.e. how easy it is to clean, how often it will need cleaning, are any consumables (e.g. water filters) you’re going to need to be replacing and how often. Depending on how much you will be using your machine, it’s also worth checking out how reliable the brand/model tends to be, as the more complex the machine (with grinders, steamers etc.) the more things there are that could need fixing/servicing.


If you buy a bean-to-cup machine you should find you have pretty much everything you need to start making your favourite brew. With an espresso machine you might need to some additional accessories, egg; coffee scales, and with a filter machine you’ll need a good stock of filters. None of these accessories are likely to break the bank, but just make sure you know what else you’ll need to buy when you’re choosing a machine.


It’s important to also be thinking about things like servicing your machine and buying consumables when you’re budgeting for your machine. By a good margin, any coffee machine is going to work out cheaper per cup than if you went to the coffee shop instead, but the different types of machines can have different day to day running costs. Pod machines may seem a cheaper option, but as you’re tied into that manufacturer, the cost of their coffee pods will soon add up. Bean-to-cup machines may have lower ongoing costs, but they tend to be more expensive upfront. A good espresso machine might be cheaper and even with the daily running expenses end up costing less in the long run


As well as the other factors we’ve looked at, it’s useful to know that if you’re a fan of full-bodied brew a machine that uses pressure to extract the coffee is likely to be better for you, so a filter machine is less likely to be what you need. Also, in case you are torn between your love of espresso and the simple need to have a pot of coffee alway son the go, you can get dual/combination machines that will satisfy these different needs, so these may be worth investigating.

How green

Finally, it’s worth considering how green your new machine is going to be, not just in terms of what it’s made from (by going BPA-free and opting for less plastic), but also in terms of the waste it produces. Pod machines by their nature tend to produce more waste, although recycling programs are getting better, and filter machines likewise generate a waste (you could lessen the impact of this by choosing unbleached, compostable filters). Check out the environmental impact of the machines you’re considering, and make sure to choose Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance/UTZ beans and compost your coffee grounds.

The best coffee machines

Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Pro Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Delivering third-wave specialty coffee at home, this coffee machine uses Breville’s 4 keys formula – dose, temperature, pressure, and milk foam. It can go from beans to espresso in just one minute!

With the ability to control the integrated burr grinder with a single touch it delivers just the right amount of coffee to ensure maximum taste. With low-pressure pre-infusion gradually building up to the optimal water pressure, the extraction process draws out all the flavors for a great-tasting cup of coffee – and the faster heating system means the optimum extraction temperature is achieved in just three seconds!

The LCD screen gives you all the information you need to make your cup of coffee, displaying the progress of the grinding and extraction, and the powerful steam wand for manual microfoam milk texturing.

Complete with accessories including a razor precision dose trimming tool, 480 ml stainless steel milk jug, a cleaning kit, and a water filter, the Breville offers everything you will need to feel like a pro Barista in your own home.


Simple to set up
Fast heating system
Precise espresso extraction
Informative LCD display


Temperature control may be too limited for some
Manual milk steamer may take some practice

Jura E8 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Jura E8 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Can you imagine making 16 barista-quality coffee specialties? Well, this coffee machine lets you do just that! The Jura E8 lets you expertly create several types of coffees using this machine, including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white, and latte macchiato – all at the touch of a button.

The full-color user interface eliminates all the guesswork and makes creating any of the Jura’s 16 coffee types simple and straightforward – but this machine offers more than just simplicity of use.

From the precise AromaG3 burr grinder that grinds to the optimum fineness, to the exclusive Pulse Extraction Process that optimizes the extraction time to ensure the best taste and aroma whatever coffee you are using, and the automatic Fine Foam FrotherG2 that delivers steamed milk or the perfect milk foam, you get the best quality performance at every stage of the process – you can even do all this using your smartphone!

If you want great-tasting coffee but would like more choice than a simple espresso, then the Jura E8 could be just what you’re looking for – in a great-looking package.


Simple to operate
Sleek, stylish design
Easy to use milk frother
Pre-ground by-pass


High performance comes at a cost
Some might find it harder to clean

Cuisinart DGB-400 Automatic Grind & Brew Coffee Machine

Cuisinart DGB-400 Automatic Grind & Brew Coffee Machine

In what might be a bit of a contrast to the last machine, this Cuisinart Grind and Brew machine shows that buying a great bean-to-cup coffee machine doesn’t have to be a big expense.

The lower price tag does mean you lose out on some of the high-end components and performance, and this machine comes with a blade grinder instead of the more expensive machines’ burr grinder, and there are more limited options when it comes to your control over how your coffee is made.

Having said that, you still get quite a lot for your money, with a fully automatic coffee maker that has a programmable 24hr brew start feature, adjustable auto-off, an optional 1-4 cup setting, and a full 12 cup pot if there’s more than just you who loves great-tasting coffee.

Simple controls make it easy to use, and with a charcoal water filter and self-clean setting, it could be just what you need if you’re looking for a simple and convenient, quality coffee-maker.


Charcoal water filter
24-hour programmability
Simple controls
12-cup glass carafe


No customization and no milk steamer
The bean container might be relatively small

The last drop

If you’re looking for a coffee machine one thing is for sure, you’re not going to suffer from a lack of choice. While this may sound great as you’ll have plenty of options, the variety of manufacturers, different types of machines, and vast array of features and settings can get a little overwhelming.

If you remember that at the heart of your decision is the desire to find a machine that is capable of providing you with the best quality coffee you like to drink, and bear in mind our suggestions of the various things to think about when making your choice, you should be on the right track.

To help you decide, we’ve suggested some of the best machines we think will appeal to a wide range of coffee drinkers. So if you do need a bit more guidance make sure to check them out – these are a great place to start to find a machine that’s perfect for you!

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