JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder 2024 Review

The JavaPresse Coffee Company may be better known for its ethically-sourced coffee beans. But as well as the usual merchandise (good-looking mugs and t-shirts, actually) that you see from a lot of coffee companies, they have also created various pieces of brewing gear to help you get the most from their coffee.


The JavaPresse manual burr coffee grinder is one such piece of kit. Boasting the kind of impressive features you might expect from a manufacturer that knows about coffee, we’ve got a full review so you can see if it’s as good as the JavaPresse beans that go in it.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder with box

Main Features

18 different grind settings

Manual hand crank mechanism

Stainless steel body

Patented ceramic burrs

Catcher with window

Light and compact

Easy to clean

100% money-back guarantee


Different grind settings for all coffee types
No batteries or power required
Quieter than an electric bean grinder
Ceramic burrs last longer than stainless steel
Catcher window helps you check your grounds
Easily portable, perfect for camping, travelling etc.
Simple to disassemble for cleaning


Smaller capacity not ideal for grinding large amounts
Grind settings may take some getting used to initially
Burrs may need replacing with very heavy use
Like all manual grinders, requires elbow grease

JavaPresse Coffee Grinder – Full Review

JavaPresse obviously know about coffee beans, but how much do they know about making coffee bean grinders.

With a variety of settings that promise the perfect grind size every time, no matter what your brew of choice, the durable combination of hard-wearing ceramic burrs in a solid stainless steel body, and the portability of a compact-sized manual grinder, could the JavePresse be your coffee grinder for home and away?

We take a look at how users say the product performs in some key areas, to help you decide if the JavaPresse is the grinder for you.


At just 7.5 inches tall and 1.8 inches wide, the JavaPresse is certainly compact. Weighing in at just 9.4 ounces, it’s also pretty light. This could make it the perfect grinder for those who are on the road, like to have a grinder for the office, or prefer the taste of freshly-ground coffee when they’re camping. The portability is great, although it would be better if it came with its own travel bag, but if you are after a home grinder for a large household that can handle a decent volume of beans, this might not be the ideal choice.


We’ve already looked at how the JavaPresse grinder is small and compact, and this does affect how much coffee you can grind at a time. With the catcher designed to handle up to about 1.3 ounces of whole bean coffee, depending on how strong you like your coffee you should be able to get two cups out of each grind. If you need any more than that (or another brew), then you’ll need to fill it and grind again – or maybe opt for a bigger grinder.


With a stainless steel body and JavaPresse’s patented ceramic burrs, the grinder is constructed of some pretty sturdy material, which should make it ideal for taking with you on your travels and many months of happy grinding. The relatively simple design also helps, with not too much to go wrong, although some users have said that the nylon/plastic connection between the burr and the shaft can fail after a lot of use but the company offers a good guarantee and make replacement parts available.


A manual coffee grinder really only has one job, and users have reported that on the whole, the JavaPresse coffee bean grinder does this well. With the ability to adjust the grind to any of the 18 different settings, to get the ideal size of ground for your particular brewing method, and the added flexibility of being able to take the grinder with you when you’re out and about, it would seem to tick the boxes for a handy, portable manual grinder.


The relative simplicity highlighted above means that there’s really no need for any options or added features – you get one type of grinder that does what it’s supposed to.


Again, the simplicity of the JavaPresse bean grinder means that you have pretty much everything you need when you open the box. As it’s designed to be portable and ideal for taking on your travels, it would be great if it came with its own travel bag, but this may not be something everybody needs and isn’t a huge expense if you do want to get one.


Because of the lack of complex motors and electronics, manual grinders do tend to be at the lower end of the price scale, although you can still spend a pretty penny on the high-end manual grinders if you want to. Thankfully, the JavaPresse grinder isn’t going to put that big a hole in your bank balance, with a price that’s typically around $40. For a stainless steel and ceramic burr grinder with 18 different settings that the majority of users feel does a great job, that’s pretty good value for money. Although, you can actually pick it up for free if you sign up to JavaPresse’s Coffee Club!


JavaPresse offer a manufacturer’s warranty with their grinders, although this is only 6 months, which most users seem happy with, due to the nature of the product and how much wear and tear it is likely to go through. Replacement parts such as the burrs are available to buy, which is great from an eco-friendly point of view as you can ‘repair, not replace’, and the manufacturer is so confident in their grinder they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, although it’s worth checking how any warranties apply to free grinders that come with the coffee club subscription.

How green

Manual grinders are generally better for the environment than their electric or battery-operated cousins when it comes to day to day use, and with mostly stainless steel construction, the majority of the JavaPresse could probably be recycled once it’s come to the end of its life. Thankfully, though, with replacement parts readily available from the company, you should be able to make sure your grinder has a long, productive life before you think about getting rid of it – which is much better for the planet.

User Reviews

The overall feedback from users is generally very positive. The JavaPresse manual coffee bean grinder gets 4.3/5 from the thousands of Amazon users who’ve bought it – in fact it’s frequently the number 1 manual coffee bean grinder on Amazon. While there are other manual grinders with higher ratings, the value for money you seem to get with the JavaPresse is no doubt what helps to make it so popular.

Like all manual coffee grinders, users report the JavaPresse needing a bit of effort to get your grounds, and it isn’t the best choice if you need to be grinding a lot of beans, but if you are looking for an efficient, portable grinder that has a variety of settings for different brews, that doesn’t cost a fortune, the JavaPresse seems to tick most people’s boxes.


What burrs does the JavaPresse manual grinder use?

The Javapresse grinder uses a patented ceramic burr, which is adjustable to any of 18 different settings. While this burr will wear down over time and eventually need replacing, it has been built to a quality that means it should last 5 times longer than a stainless steel burr.

Does the JavaPresse grinder come with instructions?

Using the JavaPressee grinder is relatively straightforward, but in order to get the best out of it and understand which setting you need, how to change the settings, how to use and disassemble the grinder for cleaning, it comes with a full set of easy-to-follow instructions.

Will the JavaPressee grinder fit in an Aeropress?

The Aeropress is a great way to make your coffee, and with a grinder that is capable of fitting nicely into the top chamber, you can grind straight into the Aeropress for less mess and waste, which is always good. The JavaPresse manual coffee grinder should easily fit into the top of your Aeropress making it even easier to brew great-tasting coffee.

The last drop

Freshly-ground coffee beans always tend to make better-tasting coffee, but it’s not always possible or convenient to have a grinder with you when you’re going to want to brew. The JavaPresse manual coffee bean grinder can help solve that problem.

Compact and light with a simple manual action and 18 settings for whatever sized grounds you need, it could be ideal for use at work, when you’re travelling, or at home if there’s just you. With a price that won’t break the bank and customer service that users have raved about, if you’re looking for a manual grinder that does what it’s supposed to, this could be one to check out.

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