1Zpresso JX PRO Manual Coffee Grinder 2024 Review

With a reputation for manufacturing affordable, high-quality manual grinders, one of 1Zpresso’s most reputable models is the JX PRO which promises excellent grind consistency, superior build, ease of use, and suitability for pour-over and espresso. Users on retail sites like Amazon rave about its portability, relatively large capacity, sleek modern look, and the ability to dismantle it without extra tools.


With all this praise, it’s easy to think that there is almost nothing wrong with JX PRO. But is that really the case? Does this manual coffee bean grinder deliver what the manufacturer promises? Is it worth its price tag? How does it measure up against other manual coffee bean grinders? To find out the truth, we take a closer look to see if the JX PRO coffee grinder lives up to expectations.

1Zpresso JX Pro Manual Coffee BEAN Grinder

1Zpresso JX PRO Manual Coffee Grinder

Main Features

Fine adjustment dial design Over 200 grind setting 48mm conical stainless steel burrs 40 clicks per full rotation Weigh 780 grams 30 – 35g hopper capacity Measure 28 x 15 x 22 cm Sturdy build and sleek design


Fine grind size settings give you 100% control
Simple to dismantle making it easy to clean
Stainless steel burrs will grind over 300Kg
Easily portable because it’s relatively compact
Fast grinding speed
Generous coffee ground capacity


780g weight does make it a little chunky
Requires effort like any other manual grinder
Silicone sleeve will wear eventually

1Zpresso JX-Pro Coffee Grinder – Full Review

1Zpresso is rising in popularity for making excellent manual coffee grinders. When the Taiwanese company rolled out the JX PRO in 2019, coffee enthusiasts flocked to the retail platforms to try it. Many people consider this manual coffee bean grinder a top pick in 2024, which begs the question, what does the JX-PRO do well, and does it fall short in any area? 

To find out the truth, let’s look at the grinder against our usual criteria and see if the JX PRO is the best grinder for you.


One of the biggest strengths of the JX PRO is its compact and lightweight size. At 780g, you get a manual coffee grinder measuring 28 x 15 x 22 cm. The compact size is a space-saver in the kitchen and an ideal outdoor companion. Users report taking the JX PRO to the office, camping, hiking, vacationing, and business travel. However, other users think that the 780 grams weight limits its travel-friendliness. If you are after a more portable manual coffee bean grinder, 1Zpresso offers you the Q2 as a suitable alternative.


The JX PRO’s small and compact size determines the amount of coffee you can grind at a time. The product can ground a maximum of 35 grams of coffee. Depending on how strong you like your brew, JX PRO’s capacity delivers plenty of coffee grounds for a cup or two of your favorite brew. The capacity is enough for a single or double espresso or 2-4 cups of pour-over. If you want to grind more coffee, you must grind multiple batches. With limited capacity, the JX PRO is only ideal for grinding coffee for one or two people. Buyers looking for a product to grind coffee for a large family or commercial services should seek a large-capacity option.


Many owners praise the 1Zpresso JX-PRO build that includes a stainless steel body, dual-bearing shaft for better stability, and 48 mm stainless steel burrs, contributing to its durability. With a sleek modern look, the grinder has a beautiful wooden knob on the handle that makes it easier to hold and turn. The body also has a rubber band that helps users grip the grinder. Unlike most manual coffee grinders, the JX-PRO is easy to dissemble without extra tools and doesn’t require recalibration after reassembling, making it easier to clean and maintain.


With the 48mm conical burrs, the JX-PRO delivers efficient and consistent grind sizes that result in precision every time. The grind setting has 40 clicks per rotation that shift 12.5 microns. With over 200 stepped grind settings, users say they have a wide range of grind sizes to cater to nearly all brewing needs. Besides, the burr set is well-designed to grind its full capacity in an average of 30 seconds. Grinding the finer grinds, like the espresso, takes longer, about 45 seconds. While grinding finer grounds takes longer, JX-PRO grinding speed is faster than slower electric grinders.


All JX-PRO are similar but only in color. You can get light grey and silver colors and the different colors have no affect JX-PRO’s performance. You get one type of coffee beans grinder that does what it’s supposed to.


The JX-PRO is simple and comes with virtually everything you’d need to grind coffee for your brew. Your purchase will include a free cleaning brush to help you clean the coffee grinder. However, if you’re getting it for its portability, you can get a complimentary caring case that protects the device when traveling. When your original burrs wear out or get damaged, 1Zpresso will offer a spare set. While the accessories aren’t essential, they make using the coffee grinder more convenient and enjoyable.


The JX-PRO costs around $169, which is pricier than a typical manual coffee bean grinder. However, the JX-PRO performance compares with its electric rivals, giving more consistent grinds and a wide range of grind size settings to offer desirable coffee flavors. Plus, its internal bearing mechanism delivers faster and smoother grinding speed. With stainless steel and over 200 grind settings, many users find the JX-PRO a good value for money.


1Zpreso offers a 1-year limited warranty, which is better than the 6-month industry standard. You’ll appreciate this warranty because of how much wear and tear the product will likely develop. However, the warranty only covers material defects and build quality, not damages caused by accidents, misuse, neglect, or improper use. Besides, 1Zpresso offers a guarantee of 300 kg estimated grind. You can also get replacement parts, such as burrs allowing you to repair your coffee grinder instead of replacing it when damaged. 

How green

Like any other manual coffee bean grinder, the JX-PRO is more environmental-friendly than its electric or battery-operated rivals. Since the device relies only on human power to grind coffee beans, it has no environmental impact on energy consumption. The coffee bean grinder also utilizes high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum, which are durable and recyclable. The materials can be reused, reducing the environmental impact of the JX-PRO.

User Reviews

Sometimes, a popular product can fall short of users’ expectations, but that isn’t the case with the JX-PRO, which most owner praise for its reliability. Amazon users gave the manual coffee grinder a 4.9/5 rating primarily because of its durability, value for money, and excellent coffee flavor. While there are many high-end manual coffee bean grinders, the superior performance, portability, and ability to make finer grinds make the JX-PRO the preferred option among users.


What’s the difference between the JX and JX PRO?

The main difference between the standard JX and the Pro version is that the Pro version offers more grind settings. The JX has a simple dial that gives users up to 30 clicks per full rotation and around 120 grind settings. On the other hand, the JX PRO has a more precise grind adjustment system that delivers 40 clicks per full rotation and over 200 grind settings. The Pro is also slightly heavier but shares similar burrs set and ground capacity.

What’s the difference between the JX PRO S & JX PRO?

The JX PRO and JS Pro S are similar except for the foldable handle. For an extra $40, you get a foldable handle that makes storing and transporting the coffee grinder easier. The foldable handle allows you to make the product smaller and more compact. You can then easily fit it in the drawer or backpack, making it less likely to damage when traveling. The foldable handle also provides a more comfortable grip that can help reduce hand fatigue, especially when grinding for longer periods.

Does it come with a travel case?

No, 1Zpresso doesn’t offer a travel case for every JX purchase. However, you can get it as an accessory if you take the grinder on the go. The travel case protects sensitive internal components from damage during transportation. With a travel case, you improve the convenience of carrying a coffee grinder during travel or outdoor activities. The case includes a compartment or padding that secures the grinder in place.

The last drop

1Zpress is a Taiwanese coffee grinder maker well-known for its excellent manual coffee grinders. The manufacturer has been racking up success with its lineup of products, with the JX PRO getting great reviews from users and coffee enthusiasts alike. Many love the grinder’s reliability, ability to consistently produce precise grinds from coffee beans, sturdy build-up, and compact size.

The 200 settings allow users to get whatever sized ground they need, making it ideal for work, traveling, or home. While the price is steeper than a typical manual coffee grinder, you’ll get a performance that rivals the electric option, which is nearly double the price. If you’re looking for an excellent grinder covering nearly all brewing methods, the JX-PRO is one of the best.

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